Monday, 23 November 2009

The one with the whistly bits

And you can even vote for your favourite song of the Noughties.

(Is it just me, or has the decade finally degenerated into one huge I-Love TV show, with optional phone-vote extras?)


  1. I voted for Gnarls Barkley, but MGMT's Kids really should have been on there, in my incredibly biased (and somewhat-warped-by-exposure-to-patroclus) opinion.

    Maybe the Noughties are really the Decade of the Online, Self-Selecting, Statistically Meaningless Survey.

  2. Crazy out of that lot. Crazy In Love just doesn't do it for me but is extremely popular.

  3. I voted for the one with the massive bassline. Only that and the whistly one will be hummed casually in supermarket queues in ten years time. Unless Beyonce was in the queue in front of you, in which case you might want to suck up to her by humming Crazy In Love.

    My actual favourite is Venetian Snares' Szamar Madar, but I don't think it has 'hit' written all over it.

  4. I hate the whistly one with a deep, passionate and visceral hatred.

    Just sayin'.