Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wot, no James Blunt?

More Noughties music: Pitchfork’s best albums of the decade. Inevitably noisier, younger, slightly less uniformly Caucasian than the Uncut version, although there’s still plenty of crossover (White Stripes, Arcade Fire, etc). Despite all the postmodern fragmentation, is there still such a thing as a critical canon?

Here’s the Top 10, for comparison:
  1. Radiohead, Kid A
  2. Arcade Fire, Funeral
  3. Daft Punk, Discovery
  4. Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  5. Jay-Z, The Blueprint
  6. Modest Mouse, The Moon & Antarctica
  7. The Strokes, Is This It
  8. Sigur Rós, Ágaetis Byrun
  9. Panda Bear, Person Pitch
  10. The Avalanches, Since I Left You

1 comment:

  1. Much better than the Uncut one but just too cool, daddio.