Thursday, 17 September 2009


A few recent deaths that occurred too late for us to include in the ‘Endings’ chapter of The Noughties (see page 175):

Cory Aquino, politician
Norman Borlaug, agronomist
Jim Carroll, writer, musician
Chanel, world's oldest dog
Keith Floyd, TV chef
Henry Gibson, actor
Teddy Goldsmith, environmentalist
Ellie Greenwich, songwriter
John Hughes, film director
Edward Kennedy, politician
Troy Kennedy Martin, screenwriter
Jack Kramer, tennis player, entrepreneur
Les Paul, musician, inventor
Willy Ronis, photographer
Sam, koala
Naomi Sims, model
Darren Sutherland, boxer
Patrick Swayze, actor
Mary Travers, singer


  1. Marcus the sheep, Lydd Primary School, Kent
    despite Paul O'Grady's efforts to save it/him.

  2. You've only missed out Keith Waterhouse!!!